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Jul 29, 2009
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I just opened my 7 gallon primary after its been sitting around for a while preparing to start a new kit. I guess I must not have cleaned it very well the last time i used it because I found some goodies growing inside.

I cleaned it out with B-Brite and brushed out the insides and top with a Carboy brush and now I have it soaking in B-Brite solution.

Is this thing still good to use? Anything I need to consider? I realized I can probably take out the rubber gasket around the lid and get in there. Is it safe use nylon brushes on these plastic containers?
This showes that all equipment should be clean when putting it away.
Now try some "OXY" cleaners. They will take care of almost anything.Nylon is OK to clean with. You do not want to make scratches like with "scrubbies"
You should be OK. Make sure you sanitize before using.
B Brite is a good product for that. I believe it has bleach in it. It wouldn't hurt to take the gasket out. What probably happened is you stored it and snapped the lid on it when it was wet. I did that once and had quite a science experiment growing in it. I ended up tossing it. If the brush is soft it ought to be fine. If too stiff it could scratch the plastic and just give the gunk a better surface to attach to.
Do as youre doing with the exception of the brush like said above as it will scratch it. Do take the gasket out of the lid and let that soak well also. B Brite does not contain chlorine but C-Brite does, B Brite is an Oxy cleaner. After soaking good and wiping very well sanitize it good also with a strong sulfite solution or even bleach but Bleach will need a very good rinsing afterwards. If you have Starsan or iodophor that would be better to sanitize with.
smurfe- I'm pretty certain I recreated your science experiment. I've been using the primary to clean my other equipment and always spray some sanitizer in when I'm done, but I had the cap snapped on when I put it away and I know it wasn't dry.

It had a pretty good wine must smell to it, so I'm guessing I wasn't really cleaning it well enough after using it as a washing vessel, so lesson learned there!

Thanks for the responses guys!
After bottling a batch or transferring from primary to secondary I always clean the primary or carboy direct after use.

Then I put it away with a tight lid on or a solid bung.
But before I seal it that way I always pour a strong sulphite solution
in. Not much just a liter or so.
Makes almost sure that no nasties can grow in there.


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