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Apr 1, 2009
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Hello All,

I am on my first kit (Wine Kitz - Traditional Vintage Merlot) and expect to complete the first rack / stabilizing sometime this weekend. The kits instructions state to either stir well for 3 minutes 6 times in a 24 hour period, OR, use a drill with a whip and stir only once for 3 minutes.
My first reaction is simply to use a drill. Any benefits to the alternative?
The following link lists the instructions.

get the degasser on a metal shaft some call it Fiz-X that attaches to a drill.
The hand way takes to long and will not drive out the gas like a drill can.

WELCOME to the group ! :)
Fizz-X is a brand name. There is also a Mix-Stir. Comes in either a stainless steel or plastic versions. Get the s/s.

I have the Mix-stir with s/s and love it, do it very slowly in the begiining as if you hit it hard it will cause a violent eruption.
I have an electric vacuum pump but still find the need to use a drill mounted stirrer sometimes and that stirrer is great for mixing everything up well in the beginning.
I agree with the other guys, get the one with the stainless shaft. I have the Fizz X and the Mix Stir. Both are fine products. The Wine Whip I believe it was called was the plastic version. I like many broke mine right off the bat. I consider this a must have product for wine making.
Hey Mach1,
Like Wade, I use both the s/s drill whip AND a vacuum pump. The combination works very will end results in a very still wine. I had several trial-and-errors with early wines. Getting rid of the gas is essential -- the "fizz" taste/feel on the tongue is not part of the flavor profile I'm after! Best of luck to you...
I went into my homebrew shop yesterday to get a fizz-x and they dont have them, in fact they recommended just stirring! I want a fizz x they sound like fun? Where could I get one from? Anyone know?

Oh and I found out what a violent eruption is like! My apple wine exploded on me when degassing the first time!!!! Entertainment plus!!!!:D
Oh thanks for that, will go have a look now.

No wont get the plastic one, read enough now to know why not!!!

Hey the guy at my local shop made me an glass attachment for siphoning cause I broke my plastic one, cool aye! Such nice people in the wine making world I think!
You better be really careful with theb glass if you broke the plastic 1!

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