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Nov 21, 2009
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I just tried to begin bottling my first kit (Vintners Reserve Cab) and when i put the siphon in, a bunch of bubbles rose to the top of the carboy. Seemed to me to be more than normal, though I don't know for sure. I put the airlock and bung back on and ran to this forum.

I have a whip (which i got for Christmas). Should I use that to degass? What else should I do?

Today's the 14th day in the 3rd container and based upon lots of info here is ready to be bottled. It's crystal clear.
take a small sample, put it in a little bottle and with thumb over hole, give it a good shake. if it is gassy some pressure will build up. also look up some recent threads on this very subject.
And what if the little bottle IS gassy?

If that's the case, i'm wondering what to do.
Most likely you have trapped gas. Get the temp up to 75* and use the whip. Go slow especially at first or youll get the dreaeded volcano. Youll be amazed at how much gas youcan get out when the temps are right and you have the right tool to do so.
Bottle will not explode due to gasst wine, they will however if the wine is still fermenmting but I dought there is even enough fermentation left in thatn wine to do that either.