Contaminated batch or a visit from ancient astronauts?

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Nov 25, 2012
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West MI
Racking off at the end of fermentation I came across what you see in the image below. The wine is an Italian Pinot Grigio juice bucket. Not knowing what to do, I doubled the K-Meta dose to 1/2t in 6 gallons of must and put it to bed. Any thoughts?

Looks like maybe a gob of the lees stuck to the racking cane and got flipped to the side of the carboy. Bet it is nothing to be concerned about. Arne.
My guess is that the carboy was stored on its side when empty and a small amount of water evaporated leaving a deposit of minerals or other dissolved solids. The deposit may have been difficult to see until the carboy was used and lees coated the deposit.
Thanks for the reassurance. The more I look at the image the less it looks like a colony-type growth. The carboy had been stored upright with about a half of a cup of Kmeta to keep it sanitized during storage.

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