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I am starting this adventure called home wine making, my first question is when I went to the local supply store they had multiple choices of what wine kit to purchase. Cost was from $69 for 4gal. of concentrate or $159 for juice with hulls and stems.

any help would be well received.


Welcome to this wonderfully addictive hobby.

I can't guess what kit comes with hulls & stems, in fact I wouldn't want a kit advertised that way. Skins & seeds, yes.

So, what brands are we talking about?

Plus where do you live? Please update the Location field in the Control Panel.

Hulls are skins in my book but stems, you wouldnt want much of that in there! The grape packs will typically give you a much bigger red and a higher abv wine and thats all I make and love them, not to fond of the kits without te pack but others love them as they like a thinner wine then I do.

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