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Sep 27, 2009
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When combining recipes what considerations do you make for amounts of secondary ingredients you add tannins/acid/nutrients you add?

I was making a Hibiscus and mint wine and could not find a recipe for one directly. I combined a mint and a hibiscus recipe which were a little at odds with each other. The Hibiscus had no tannins but the mint did. I added some but not as much as the mint recipe called for. The Hibiscus called for citric acid and the mint lemon and lime juice. Simple enough on this one, but all I had was acid blend. Then how to steep the petals and leaves varied from recipe to recipe and I had to decide how hot and long to steep the materials for. Both suggested different yeasts, and I went with a third.

Any one have some good pointers for for deciding on more or less of something when working with two recipes like this?
this is an interesting question..

I must admit to winging it.. mainly due to not having an acid test kit.. and because i like to throw all sorts of things into the mix.

my rule of thumb it to haul out all my recipe books.. check out the ingredients against all the recipes and find a middle ground.

ferment it out and taste test it.. add sweetener or blend it with something else if I'm not fussed.. these are generally 1 gallon experiments, so nothing really lost if it doesn't work out.

That's what I do as well. I was hoping someone had a system or something they could share on how they figure it out. The one that gets me is the tannins I never quite know how much to add. I always feel like I'm just plucking a number out of the air, within the range of similar recipes I can find.
Kinda like Allie.
Tannins is a "TASTE" thing. Acid I always test PRIOR to fermentation and add acid blen to what type of wine I am making. Nutrients are to help the yeast EAT so, I add with the yeast.
Remember the 3 "T's" all to YOUR taste.
If making a fruit wine you both can backsweeten and add a f-pac to YOUR taste.
Grapes you should stick with what the "Wine Profile" is for that grape.
Confused yet?...
This is a difficult but great question.

Combining ingredients is not easy but can be done.

In this case I would make two seperate infusions of the mint and the hibiscus. Just like making tea.
Next I would blend them in various ways like:
1/3 of the one and 2/3 of the other
half half
2/3 of the one and 1/3 of the other

And taste all the time to see what mix is to your liking.

Then you use that combination for the actual winemaking.
Next add acid and sugar to an appropriate level.


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