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Nov 26, 2008
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Okay, here is the deal. Someone gave me some primary fermenters a year or so ago. They also gave me a hydrometer, etc, as well as b brite cleanser. I had this stored for some time and now am getting ready to make my first batch of wine and went to use the cleanser last night and it is hard as a brick. I don't have time to get more cleanser shipped in, is there anything that can be used that can be purchased at a hardware store that can be used for cleaning fermenters and instruments?
I use hot water with soda ash (household soda)
be carefull however with hot water in glass.

Next sanitise with a sulphite solution.

When hot water can not be used like in a glass
carboy, use plain water with sand.
The sand will scrub the inner walls of a glass

Hydrometer should just be rinsed after use.
And then sanitised with a sulphite solution
when used in a test juice that is being poured
back in the rest of the must.


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