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Jan 19, 2016
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I'm curious if anyone has any experience at adding a bit of tobacco to their wine? I really used to love Cosentino's CigarZin. I'm trying to recreate it with the Winexpert Lodi Zin, just don't have any idea of how much tobacco to add, what type and when to add it. If you have any thoughts, would love to hear them.

Sounds like a question for joeswine, the king of tweaks. Maybe message him?
I have never added tobacco but the idea has some merit. I was watching a show (can't remember the name...some guy that goes around the world getting sloshed on local distilled spirits) and came across this:

Now, while I'm certain you will not be able to get your hands on this particular brand of tobacco leaf, it may be worth researching it's particular qualities to see if you can get another type that is similar.
Also, I know some tobacco leaves are aged for long periods of time in old whiskey barrels. That may be worth looking into as well.
Yes, ask Joe.

I would think some dark roasted coffee beans may help with what you are looking for.
While my experience with wine/tobacco combined is zero, I do have extensive knowledge in both cigar and pipe tobaccos.

Based on what the Perique characteristics are, I'd say you're looking for something along the lines of either a pipe tobacco or infused cigar. There are many many options for either. If you need recommedations on quality brands/types of either, let me know. I'm happy to help.

While I don't smoke infused cigars, I do know quite a bit about them. There are some coffee flavored/infused made by Drew Estate that would be interesting to use. I wish I could advise on how to proceed with the use of them in wine, but I cannot.

But if you're looking for a tabocco with aromas and fruity characteristics, I think you're better off using pipe tobacco. You could place it in a mesh bag and use it that way...I guess??
whatever tobacco you choose do a bench trial. select a sample size about 500ml of wine and add tobacco, may be more samples and different dosages of tobacco. let stand and taste periodically to determine best combination, time and dosage. then add results to final amount. this takes all the guess out and keeps from ruining the large batch.
High concentrations of tobacco extract can be very poisonous - deadly.... That being said, I have a small jar of homemade bitters that I use in certain cocktails - "Truckstop Bitters" - Neutral spirit, ground coffee, ground cocoa beans, vanilla pipe tobacco - let sit for a year then filter through coffee filter and use a dash or two in your cocktail for that truckstop kinda vibe....

I guess you could also make an extract like this and add to your carboy for bulk aging and integration....

Thanks for the feedback, I will try those suggestions. Cigarzin was a really great tasting Zin.