chocolate strawberry/raspberry port

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Jan 3, 2010
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Last year, I saw some were planning to use Wade's strawberry port recipe to make chocolate raspberry port. So....... did anyone do it? I'm anxious to hear if it turned out ok, and what exactly did you change in the recipe and last of all, what would you change if you made it again? I think I would like to try this one and appreciate any replies. I have a blackberry port recipe I'd be happy to share, if anyone is interested.
I would be very interested . I have a batch of blackberries waiting for something. Thanks
One of my good friends is making it now, so far so good! Its almost fermented dry!
Id probably try just loading the damn thing with strawberries next time like dble maybe even triple and see if I could rid the need for the strawberry syrup afterwards but it would most likely still need some glycerin to substitute the missing body.