Chocolate drizzles for the holidays.

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Frank V
Oct 3, 2009
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We produce a line of Chocolate Drizzles for the holiday. They range from Chocolate Raspberry Port to Chocolate Caramel Kalua Chardonnay. We keep the Alcohol level below 5% to keep it in the FDA alcohol range. You can try this using your homemade wines. We use baking chocolate mixed with lacitin, but you could use a high end chocolate surup and use cocoa to thicken it up. Liquor extracts are available from your homebrew shop, so any combination of flavors is available. 13-18% ABV wine/port is recommended. Goes great on strawberries,blueberries,pound cake,cheese cake. Experiment and have some fun.
Glad to have you aboard, Just out of curiousity, how do you call it a Port if its only 5% abv?
Because it is less than 5% ABV it does't fall under the TTB guidelines. We cannot label our winery Port "Port" as only port from portugal is allowed that name.So we give it a fanciful name and we state it is a port style wine on the back label.
The less than 5% puts it under the food and drug administration, and there labeling allows "port" in the name as it is part of the makeup of the product.
Do you plan on eventually getting the permit (or license) to up the abv?
Our liscense is a full winemaking liscense.We can make any wine we want, some of our chards and zins are 14-15%. We opt to keep the drizzle sauce <5% so we forgo the TTB Labeling. As a home winemaker you could make it any ABV you would like.
Wow its great to have you here.I will surely try this in my home.Thanks for sharing it.

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