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Sep 26, 2014
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Been around a couple years. Make fruit (country wine) and some syrup wines from an old!! book (Herters). Has anyone used the new? Vitners fruity bases in the galolon jugs. I purchased a 1 gallon cherry base for 5 gallon batch is to be ph balanced just add water and yeast. I hope it will be a fruit forward dry wine taste of cherry but not sweet. anybody tried theese as there are many flavors. If good might try plum. Just purchased while on vacation in Pa. Will post progress but have several projects resulting from trip. Sauercraut to make tomatoes to can and peppers to roas and peppers to dry and powder.
I have used many different bases and like them. They will finish more acidic than Wine Kits in the box, but you can adjust if it doesn't suit your taste.

I make them(batches) mainly to have bottles on hand to blend with. Several friends like the Elderberry, Raspberry and Black Currant.

I thought the Cherry would be my favorite. It just seems like the Cherry never satifies my desire, which is probably a good thing.
I've tried the Vitners Cherry and the blackberry. I have to say I was a little disappointed on the weekness of the wine
I've used both Vintner's Harvest and with great results.
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