CHEAP fruit press for those in the states

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Thats about the same size as mine but that is much better quality! Mine works ok though so its no huge deal.
It might be a while before I will be able to use it. I am hoping to get a couple pails from MWS in a month and some fresh grapes this fall. Yes, a 4 gallon basket Tom.
In your signature... When you say GONE you mean you drank it ALL ?
Drank it myself, with friends and family, and used it to top off carboys of other wines, and used it to cook with.
Tom, that is a very very good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had the money I would buy one and give mine away to a friend or sell it just to recover the money for the Vise parts tat made up the press part!
I'm not familiar with using a press but the customer reviews are not very good. One raved about it, the others not so much.

I wouldn't place a lot of emphasis on these reviews you read on Amazon....It doesn't seem as if the reviewers understand how/when to press the grapes...
Didn't Luc have something about making a press? I can't remember where though.
I know many people who have these presses, I cant understand what anyone would have a problem with with 1 of these unless they are used to a much better and lots more expensive Bladder press or something.
Amazing deal

I also just ordered this press; I had added it to my wish list last week when the price was double, and then it dropped!

If anyone has used the Weston crusher attachment for grapes, please let me know how it works for you.