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Dec 16, 2008
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My kit got here...and unforunately I didn't have time to get it through primary before leaving for vacation; Atlanta, and then Florida. Looking forward to getting my first kit going.
I looked at the instructions....not impressed. Generic instructions for a expensive kit.
Any one done one of these kits?
They included generic instruction for ice wine and port kits. I write safe work practices for a living...specific work practices...not generic.
I'll be back from Florida on the 14th and will start ASAP. I need to start hitting the bottle return for 375 ml bottles. Will be brining orange blossom honey and frozen tangelo juice home from Mom & Dad's tree.
I have used those instructions a few times before, the only really different thing is towatch which sg you need for the kit you are using otherwise they are basically the same.

Unfortunately, all of the kit companies use generic instruction sheets. I guess this isn't like "safe work practices".

BTW, I used to write operations manuals for a living. We had a generic set of basic info that covered many situations, and then specific booklets for each system or sub-system.


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