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Mar 1, 2009
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These are my latest labels. There are two Niagara labels because I made some for a friend who volunteers on the ship. Using the Avery label software I am not able to post their pictures on line so I have to take a snapshot on the computer monitor then save the picture. I just came up with the Mystic Sky name as I was sitting there bottling.




I like the monroe one too. very cool.

She says diamonds are a girls best friend... but my bff in wine :p
Great job RW, I too like the Mystic. Was that someones idea here or did you come up with that?
Wade, as I was bottling today the idea popped in my head out of the clear blue. I'm sure with Troy posting the link to the Northern Lights and also my sister in law posting pictures on face book triggered the thought.
Lets get something straight Dan, that was not ME kissing your sister on face book!!!!

There is a Marilyn Merlot that is copy written and licensed by her family.

I like the mystic sky, if you are not going to use it, I will put it in the back of my mind, it souns good. Mystic Lights souns good as well.

I thought abot "Mystic Troy", but it just didn't seem right!! LOL

The night (Monday) was the night those Lights were screaming through the sky when leanne and I got that bad news. I think it was a sign. I am looking forward to making the rosehip flower wine again and may be asking you for suggestions on a name.