Blueberry wine postmortem

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Nov 29, 2009
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Blueberry wine postmortem

Last year I made 3 gal of Blueberry wine from a large can of crushed canned blueberries.
It was very popular with family and friends, lots of people commented it also contained an alcohol punch. The Starting Sg was 1.090, the Starting SG was achieved by adding table sugar. I also balanced out the acid. I did not keep very good notes on this wine. I did “Back Sweeten” during the bottling phase, as it was fairly dry.

This year I made my 2nd batch starting in early December, also Sg of 1.090. I racked it at 1.041, once it hit 1.017, it stopped. I had a problem with bad hygrometer (I broke the one I was using and started using one that was 10 years old. The readings went way down, when I bought a replacement then I found the old hygrometer was reading low, my notes show Sg readings that went back up. :ib). I did rack again and add Campden tables. The fermentation was done in a controlled environment at about 75degrees F, sometimes a big higher when the Chocolate Raspberry port was fermenting.

I just gave up on the batch and put it in Crown Cap bottles, it actually tastes good.

Any thoughts on what may have happened this time?
Racking that early could leave too much viable yeats behind making the yeast cell count to low and get overpowered too easily by the alc.

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