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Jun 2, 2009
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I am considering taking my Blueberry wine made from last year and opening the bottles (3) and making Blueberry port out of them. I made that wine way too strong - 15%+ and even after sweetening it really doesn't taste good. Probably didn't use enough blueberries either.

I was thinking of playing lab monkey here and opening them up, adding various ingredients (Tom's Fpak recipe), maybe some brandy. I'd like to turn this wine into something better - sweeter, like port for sipping. I have 4-5 lbs of fresh Blueberries that I could use for the Fpak.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Anyone done this before?
I would try exactly what you have suggested. Simmer the berries in just a tiny bit of water after you mash them. I would use either grain alc or E&J Brandy or even Blueberry Brandy if they make it.
Thanks Wade. I knew I could count on some expert advice. I think this will work well. Do you think I will need to re-sulfite and sorbate this before bottling again? Its been 10 months since I bottled.
You surely will not because you will be upping the alc to a point where yeast will not be able to work anymore so sorbate will never be needed and you wont need much sulfite either as the higher the abv the less sulfite youll need. You dont sulfite whiskey!

OK - I thought I would report back on this. This actually worked out very well. I took 3 750's of blueberry wine, emptied them in a bucket, added the simmered and strained blueberry juice, then added some simple syrup to get this to about 1.03 sg. I added one cup of brandy until I liked the balance between the sweetness and alcohol. Its strong but the addition of the fruit, and additional sugar made this taste pretty good. I have it in a secondary 3 liter jug and added a 1/3 section of an oak spiral, since I like oak. There were quite a few blueberry seeds but after I racked from my mixing bucket to the jug they were mostly in the bottom. I assume I can keep the port in the 3 liter bottle and rack every so often until I bottle? 2-3 months?


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