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Jun 20, 2009
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to anyone new in the past few weeks welcome to the forum you definately came to the right place
this is easier than going to each post and saying the same thing lol
so many new ones lately i havent kept up on it
I would probably be one of those new people.
I've been reading these forums for a month or so now, registered about a week or so ago when I started my first ever batch of wine. I've started 5 batches since.

My good friend, from homebrewtalk forums, makes a fair of amount of home brew. Good brew at that. I decided he shouldn't be the only one who gets to have all the fun. Does anyone else just sit and stare at their airlocks and watch the bubbles? Hmm maybe I shouldn't admit that. :D

Anyways, I'm originally from Wisconsin, transplanted to Northern Idaho about 2 and a half years ago. I'm a web developer for Northwest River supplies, a rafting company, and I'm currently going back to school to finish my computer science undergrad.

Glad to be here. I'm sure I'll have many a questions for you all in the near future.
I see you are making Blueberry and Strawberry INSTANT. What is INSTANT?
No one here would stare at their air locks??? I never......wait is that a fly near my primary??? Get away from there you.....oh ha ha not obsessed here.Fly doesnt bother me...... shew pest!!
Ive been known to stare at a airlock or a couple dozen in harmony!
well, the recipe says that it will be ready to drink as soon as its done fermenting and clearing.
Apparently its just a really young wine.

The recipe doesn't seem to be much different from other except for the fact that it calls for sparkolloid.
Here I'll type out the desc and recipe and you guys can tell me what you think.

Instant Wine - Fruit (1 gallon)
3lb Blackberry, Raspberry or strawberry
7pts water
1 1/2 pb sugar
1/2 tsp acid blend
1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
3/4 tsp energizer
1 campden
1 pkg wine yeast.
Later: 1tsp sparkolloid
1 tsp stabilizer

Instant wines, ready for drinking within a few weeks of starting ferment make pleasant drinks in warmer weather. Such wines have low alcohol content of 7-8% and they should be consumed withing 6-8months. They have a light fresh appeal with a hint of sweetness.

Hold back and refrigerate juice from 1 lb fruit. Using nylon bag, mash and squeeze juice from fruit into primary fermentor. Leave pulp in bag, tie top and put in primary. Mix all ingredients except yeast. Cover primary and ferment at 70 - 80 degrees F. Stir daily, check SG, squeeze any pulp lightly. At 1.030 siphon off sediment into secondary. Add sparkolloid. Attach airlock. When ferment reaches 1.000 - .995 the wine may be transferred to a clean secondary for clearing. Add stabilizer then stir in fruit juice and 1/3 cup dissolved sugar.

What do you guys think?
i just realized i didn't add the sparkolloid when i put it in the secondary. :(
Hmm.. oh well. we'll do it when I rack it.
Every wine is ready to drink once its done fermenting but every win e will get much better with age also. Dont fall for that bolony, let at least some age and youll be surprised at how much better your wine wil be! You dont have to add any fining agent as you can let it clear on its own and save the fining agent for if it really needs it.
So really its just a really really young wine with sparkolloid as a quick clearer?

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