Battonage ok with Bentonite?

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Jul 7, 2013
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Hi all

I have a large amount of CA chard made with added fruit (pawpaws, asian pears, gooseberries, all light flavors) that I split into 2 6 gal secondaries and have been doing battonage on only 1 in order to compare. Yeast was D47. BUT I just realized I put bentonite into primary on day 3 so every time I stir I am not only mixing the yeast back up but also a decent amount of bentonite. I've read too much bentonite can strip flavor. Any body have any idea if battonage and bentonite will cancel each other out?

Pam in cinti
Ok, i've answered my own question and am posting the results to share. I just did a taste test of the 2 carboys. There is considerably less flavor in the one I'd been performing battonage. So, I will stop the procedure and combine the 2 carboys at next racking. Seems bentonite will continue to strip flavor bits everytime it performs a clearing action. I'm sure somebody somewhere can use this knowledge.

Pam in cinti
Thanks Pam, and I agree someone else will probably need this info.