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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
Anyone else ever accidentally pop out that little tiny moveable black piece in the tube? (Looks like a round table with just 2 legs). The part that, when filled, keeps the liquid from just falling out? The part that when removed makes the auto siphon useless?
Popped out when I inserted a line cleaning brush. To reinstall would require some model ship in a bottle type technique and tool. And patience.
I had that happen. After fiddling with it for quite a while, I tossed it and got a new one. :)
I've fought with the auto-siphon to the point that now I only keep one for emergency purposes.

Since I have the AIO, I bought a 30" stainless steel racking cane. I use that for everything and as noted. If my AIO gives out for whatever reason, I have a backup auto-siphon.

All my auto-siphon issues have vanished since!
I had a bigger 1/2" auto siphon I've been using so that was a plus. But that video was perfect. Almost like it was made specifically for me. Guess I wasn't the 1st one to have this happen. Thanks for posting that Mr Administrator sir. You just put some money back in my pocket and time back on my clock.
And yes, the AIO is surely going to be added to my equipment soon. Even before I knew anything about the AIO it was hard to ignore the countless mentions of how great it is on WMT. I actually posted some questions about it, and Steve right away wanted to set up a phonecall to discuss further. That kind of service is unheard of elsewhere. This alone woulda been enough for me to make that decision, which was already made a ways back.
I have found that if you drop a dime (after you sanitize it) down the tube, it serves the same purpose as that missing plastic piece. It might take a practise try, but I used this method for over a year until I broke down and bought a new siphon.
Yeah and if drop about 2,001 dimes you get an AI1 and fix your auto siphon for backup.


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