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Thanks Cenk, I never thought of kmeta being used for anti browning. I may or may not go that route. When I would cut apples up for the kids, they always went into a bowl of water and lemon juice. It really enhanced the flavor of the apples. I doubt it would change the flavor of the wine in any meaningful way, but I trust it because of experience. I did also plan on adding some kmeta to the must anyway.
In some of my fruit wines I will use citric acid instead of acid blend because I think it tastes better.

Kmeta bonds to free oxygen, so reduced oxidation and also less oxygen for yeast to use to multiply.

Good luck with your wine!
Apple wine is back on! Whoop!
I went to Midwest Supplies in the cities to get some pectic enzyme for a batch of DB and was considering getting some Vintners Best apple concentrate so I could at least try some apple wine. Not what I really wanted, but better than nothing. I pull into the parking lot and there’s a truck selling apple cider in conjunction with the store. I forget the mix, but it’s 1/3 something, 1/3 Haralson, and 1/3 of a few others. I bought a bucket and they filled it up and I’m on my way! Weird how things work out.

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