Apple Harvest- What to do?

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So, if I'm using 100% juice for the wine, I'd still need a crusher & press if I mean to use my own apples... so that isn't any different than the work/expense of cider. I'm leaning towards just eating them and buying some local cider for booze making experiments. I'm reticent to get another big piece of equipment and my local supply guy doesn't do rentals.

When you did your 5 gallon batch using 110 lbs apples, how many trees did you have to get to that 110 lbs? We have 3 that will be good producers, but I'm not sure we can get up to 110 lbs. A crusher & press would hardly be worth it for a 1 or 3 gallon batch...
Depends, I picked 400lbs from 1 tree the other day; leaving that much or more.

Some trees, 100lbs or so.

All variable.

Picked about 2000lbs this season. All processed by hand (knife and blender).


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