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  1. S

    Sorbated Cider Successful So Far (55+ gallons)

    TL;DR: I wound up with 55+ gallons of sorbated cider by mistake. After searching I saw mixed answers on wether or not you could make wine with it. Thanks to encouragement and advice on forums here and a Facebook group, I tried. After about 25days of fermentation I'd say it turns out you can...
  2. CortneyD

    Apple Harvest- What to do?

    Hi All! I'm looking for a bit of input because it looks like (knock on wood) we are going to get a great apple harvest this year. Since I'm so new to wine making, apple wine isn't something I've made OR tasted yet. My husband and I really enjoy dry ciders and we have access to some...
  3. A

    Off-note (sulfur?) in apple wine

    I'm looking for any suggestions for an apple wine that's got an off, unpleasant note to it. It may be sulfur? It's not strong enough to knock you over by the smell, but it's distinctly unpleasant. I've let the wine sit for an hour and it improves some, but does not go away. I remember seeing...
  4. A

    Kieselsol & Chitosan not working - Could my apple wine have been messed up?

    Hi, I used Kieselsol & Chitosan to fine my apple wine after the fermentation finishes (about 2 months ago), but they did not clear the wine even though I had degassed it with drill, and used right amounts of Kieselsol & Chitosan, and temperature was definetely more than 70 F. I waited two more...
  5. G

    Is it normal color ?

    Hello, I am new here and it is my first time make Apple juice wine. I was start worry about apple wine color, Is it normal ? Please let me know ASAP. When airlock stop bubble can I pour to 2nd carboy ? ( Before ) 4-23-2020 .................................( Today ) 4-30-2020
  6. Amandolin

    Apple wine and ... cider wine? ;-)

    Today I started a slight variation on Apfelwein (see pic for my recipe/notes) I’m planning to try the same concept in my other 3 gal carboy but with cider and dark brown sugar. Anybody have any recommendations for additions? I was wondering if it would benefit from adding... - Golden...
  7. J

    Spiced Wine

    I am about to make apple wine and would like to add spices. During what part of the process should I add things like cinnamon sticks and clove?
  8. J


    I made some Apple Wine a year ago and added some Isinglass to help clear it. So I took poor notes but as I recall the wine started to clear virtually overnight. The Isinglass that I used was in liquid form when I bought it. So this year I have some more apple wine and I went to get some...
  9. gethighonyourownsupply

    Apple wine/Cider without apple press

    Hi all, hopefully this is the right place and I haven't missed any relevant threads when I searched. I have about 1.5kg of (currently diced & frozen) apples I'm hoping to make into Cider or Apple wine but don't have a press. I'm hoping to make 4-5 litres as I have a nice 5L demijohn I'd like to...
  10. B

    Newbie to the forum, looking for some insight

    I just started making wine (have a strawberry in primary right now) but have done a ton of reading over the past couple weeks or month or so. I have noticed there is no end to the different ingredients used in wine. There are still some apples for the picking near me and I posed the question...