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Jan 17, 2019
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I made some Apple Wine a year ago and added some Isinglass to help clear it. So I took poor notes but as I recall the wine started to clear virtually overnight. The Isinglass that I used was in liquid form when I bought it.

So this year I have some more apple wine and I went to get some isinglass but all the store had was dehydrated - not a powder really. I added some water to hydrate it and put the recommended amount into my carboy of apple wine. 1 week later the wine is starting to clear but not as fast as last year.

I am wondering if I should have waited longer for the isinglass to hydrate? Or maybe it always takes longer when you don't use the liquid form? I'm sure time will fix this but I am curious of other peoples experience. I still have the rest of the hydrated isinglass in the fridge but it doesn't look like it is much different from when I first mixed it with water a week ago.

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