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Nov 5, 2006
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I have a oaked Apple /Elderflower that is clearing now that seams like it will be real good. I used a full bodied apple recipe from Jack Kellers website and modified it. It will be a while before the final verdict is in. But it looks promising.

6 gallon pure apple juice (no preservatives)

30 grams of toasted oak
1 oz of dried elderflowers

6 lb. granuated sugar
9 tsp. acid blend

1/2 tsp. pectic enzyme

1-1/2 tsp tannin

6 crushed Campden tablet

Champagne yeast and nutrient

Put juice, sugar, crushed Campden tablet, pectic enzyme, acid blend, tannin , elderflowersand oak into primary fermentation vessel. Stir vigorously to dissolve solids and cover. After 24 hours, add yeast and nutrient and cover. Stir daily. When S.G. reaches 1.040 (3-5 days), rack into secondary fermentation vessel and fit airlock. Rack again after 30 days and again after two months. When wine is clear, rack again and bottle. Taste after six months.
Sounds like a winner. I am guessing the 30 grams of oak was either the dust or fine chips correct and not cubes? The dust or chips in the primary are perfect. I do love a good apple wine. Keep us posted on its progress and how it turns out.

Smurfe :)
Last year in January I made 20 liters (25 bottles) of apple wine.

I know apple wine must age for at least one year :(
Nevertheless we drank a lot of it last summer.

Apple wine is a real winner for hot summer evening pick-nic's when it
is chilled.

I still have some bottles left and a new batch of 20 litres clearing at this moment. :D

I think yours will be even better because of the elderflower.

Smurfe, I did use the oak dust. I have found it works good in the primary as well. I could smell the oak very well when I racked it into the carboy.
Sounds great. I use the dust or the fine chips in the primary myself on most country wines. I mix them up just like a kit wine and it works pretty good. I think the only ones I didn't were blueberry and blackberry where I oaked them in the secondary with some staves.

Smurfe :)
Dizzyswimmer - Elderflower and oak with apple may be a nice touch, I'm very curious.
We do need to know how it goes. Do taste it along the way and tell us your findings! :)
I am preparing for the spring harvest of elderflowers. Your recipe sounds delicious. How did it actually come out?