Any suggested changes to this recipe using alexanders riesling concentrate

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Mar 5, 2012
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I am planning on making this wine using Alexanders riesling concentrate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

6 gallons

6 - 1 lb jars of Walmart apricot preserves
2 - 46oz cans Alexander's Riesling Juice Concentrate (68 Brix)
1 tbl bentonite
1 ½ tbl yeast nutrient
2 ½ tsp pectic enzyme
10 ml K-Meta 10% solution
Sugar (SG to 1.090, )
Spring water to bring volume to 6 gallons
1 packet ec1118 Yeast
For stabilizing after fermentation
25 ml K-Meta 10% solution (50 grams of K-Meta in 500 ml water)
2 ½ tsp potassium sorbate

Add 1/2 gallon of hot water to bottom of primary, stir in 1 tbl bentonite till completely mixed.
Add the contents of the preserves to the PF, stir until dissolved.
Add 1 gallon of spring water, mix throughly.
Add Peptic Enzyme, mix.
Add Yeast Nutrient, mix
Add the contents of both cans of Alexander's reisling concentrate, mix throughly. Rinse cans with spring water and add to PF.
Add spring water to bring must to 6 gallon volume, mix very throughly.
Measure SG, add simple syrup to bring SG to 1.090 ~ ABV 12%, mix well.
Cover PF and let it sit for ~ 24 hours
Pitch yeast
When SG drops to 1.010 rack to clean sanitized carboy, leaving settled solids.
When fermentation is FULLY complete < 1.000 and SG is stable, rack to a clean carboy
Add 25 ml 10% K-Meta solution.
Add 2.5 tsp potassium sorbate.
Stir vigorously to dissipate CO2.
Add SuperKleer
Top up carboy and reattach airlock.
Rack after 14 days to clean carboy
Add oak chips
Rack again in two months, further racking and bulk aging as deemed necessary.

Any suggested tweaks/
Only comment I can make is about the potassium sorbate. I don't see any indication of backsweetening, so why add that? Also, I don't add that until after I clear and right before I bottle, that way it has a better chance of working, since there is less yeast for it to even worry about.
I would add Fermaid-K or Fermaid-O once fermentation starts, nominal dosage is 1 gram per gallon. also I would not use oak chips.I would be concerned that oak flavor overcome fruit flavor. if you want tannin add powder tannin during fermentation at 1/ 4 tsp per gallon. you may deed to add more pectic enzyme post fermentation depending on clearing success.
Thanks for your recommendations guys. They are both duly noted. That recipe was taken from another recipe for a blackberry/cab recipe which had oak added. I will not use oak.