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Jan 2, 2010
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I think if you are old enough to grow facial hair and get a tattoo, you should not be allowed to ride around on one of those mini bikes. I see guys, not kids, that hang with kids and are riding around on those small bikes that were more suited for a 6 year old.

There's a name for these guys............pedifiles!

Grow up!
Get a job!
Buy a car! or a full size bike.

This of course is my own opinion.
Kill them and take their bikes and give them to a kid who cant afford one. To hell with pedifiles pedofilkes, and all the rest of those freaks!!!
You know what works great with that is a broom stick thru the spokes when they are zoomin' past you.

If you use a twelve guage you dont even need to leave the rocking chair on the porch!!
My wife just asked from the next room why I'm by myself laughing and crying out loud. She says I fit right in with all of you!
Right on Steve.!!!

Sometimes through all the seriousness in here, the exchange of sarcamsn has me laughing out loud myself. I love it. I wonder how many potential members who have been scared off wondering if we re serious in here or not.

They never stuck around long enough to pull up a chair and share a glass of wine, too bad for them. They too could have also learned how tomake wine and get a smile in their heart each day!

Glad were all in this together.

I was going to pm you but it won't let me. You and a few others get me laughing so hard I'm gonna have to get a set of depends.

All this and in the background I hear the news that the police are looking for a guy who exposed himself today in the south side of pgh. What is wrong with these people. They even gave a description. He was big but small.
There looking for a rapist here. He has blue eyes. No other description.
Probably not a good week to be here if you have blue eyes.

They said he was wearing a ski mask and driving a car.

They should be looking for any man, with blue eyes, driving a car with a ski rack on top.

There goes about 2000 people!!
It's time to weed out the gene pool. If you really need to be reminded not to take a hair dryer in the tub with you or not to take preparatioh H internally, there is something wrong.
Sometimes I am glad I live on the end of the road. You people in the big city have my sympathy.

I couldnt do it. I left Milwaukee when I was 12. I am not from there. I have been here almost my entire life.

Things happen here, but you dont always hear about it, know what I mean!!
You just have to come on down to the land of sand and bikini's if you want to see some old fools on scooters!
Big beer bellies and no shirts.
That is getting to be the big thing now around town. I can understand it being cheap transportation, but come on, for what you pay for one of those new scooters, you can buy a motorcycle that will take you down the road when you need it to.
I think alot of it is because the smaller ones around here don't require you to get a motorcycle endorsement on your license.
The training for it cost $300.00 now and is mandatory.
I got mine just before that law went into effect. And it was a PITA on a big bike.
Getting a license. This brings up another point, at what age is it where you no longer have to turn around to look where you are backing up? I see this at the grocery store, older folks just backing up until they have enough room to pull forward or they bump something.

I respect other peoples property and make sure I have enough room to park or I'll go elsewhere. Just a little consideration.
**giggle** yall are a riot!!!

come to this godforsaken place and see the idiots that walk around here!!!

we had a guy get ARRESTED for drunk driving whilst mowing his lawn....he CRASHED into his neighbors deck and caused random amounts of damage and had to be carted off in the ambulance!!

ive also got drunken Aholes on lawnmowers speeding up and down my street like its the new trend in drag racing!!!!
i wasn't driving that fast, and plus it was the first time I have ever been on a lawnmower!

Oh yeah, sorry about that stupid thing I ran over in your neighbors lawn. I told them I knew you and they agreed not to call the cops!!! LOL

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