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Oct 19, 2007
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so say i want to make 6 gallons of wine.
I got the 6 gallon glass carboy for secondary.
i got a 8 gallon primary.
So with the sugar & all other ingredints in the primary, do i only add water to the 6 gallon mark?? or higher? (with gravity & ph already factored in on the set amount of volume i want)
I take it the larger primary fermenter is just for space for foaming ect??
if thats the case am i right to assume i only fill to around the 6 gallon mark with everything in the must??
hopfully what i wrote is understandable to somone
any help apreciated!
Yep fill until the 6 gallon mark.

The extra space in the 8 gallon fermenter is for the foam that will occur.

Also if you want to end up with 6 gallons, you will lose some wine during racking (getting rid of lees, or dead yeast cells). you will need to consider this if you want to end up with 6 gallons, or else you will end up with probably closer to 5-5.5 gallons i believe. but i am no expert. do more research to be sure.

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