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Just purchased the AOP with the new accessories for plastic carboy racking. just racked three primary ferementors into three plastic carboys without a hitch.

Congratulations Steve it works great.


I always wanted to be able to transfer into a PET carboy !
It is such a pleasure to buy something that works just like it is suppose to right out of the box. Just finished racking to a plastic Better Bottle with Steve's new racking kit. For some reason I thought it might be slower but did not notice any difference in filling time.

On the first set up I used a 1/2" racking cane that I already had and the bottle started to implode. I switched to the racking cane that Steve provides in the kit and the system worked just like it should. Turns out that ALL the parts in the kit are necessary to make it operate successfully. Probably some kind of fluid dynamic principle.

Thanks Steve for another valuable tool.

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