Can you “lose” the year or racking to secondary?

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Apr 18, 2022
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Edit- damn autocorrect! Title should read “ can you lose the yeast when racking to secondary”

I recently started 25ltrs of mixed berry. I used rc212 yeast for the first time and was shooting for 15%, which is close to the tolerance, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway.
I removed the fruit bag at day seven and let the primary sit for roughly 48 hours and then racked to 2x 11ltr glass carboys. The sg was bang on 1.010.
I’ve noticed that first carboy has absolutely no activity but the second is bubbling away quite happily. I did drag a little sediment into the second carboy which is making me think that all the active yeast was sitting on the bottom of the primary. Would this be correct? I’ve always used EC 1118 and have never noticed any difference between activity in the secondaries.
So, how do I ensure the 1st carboy ferments to dry? Can I add new yeast or should I just leave it to work its self out?
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Yeast is in suspension in the wine, so you didn't lose it.

Check the SG of both carboys -- activity in the airlock doesn't necessarily tell you anything of value. If the SG in the no-visible-activity carboy has dropped, you have activity.

If it hasn't, it will probably work itself out with a bit of time. If you want to jump start it, pull 1 liter from each carboy and swap, e.g., liter from carboy #1 goes into carboy #2.