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Sep 23, 2016
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What sanitizers do ya'll who have a vacuum pump use?

I've always used star-san since it's easy and no rinse and just racked onto the foam that was left over. Got a all in one for christmas and just bottled my first batch with the pump and holy crap the foam. I guess running a gallon of star-san through the system before bottling didn't help either. I need to switch to a non foaming sanitizer but would like to use a no-rinse.

Other than the issues from he foam this pump is great, took no time to bottle and cleanup was a lot easier. Rigged it up to run through a 5 micron filter before the bottle too.
I like using meta bisulfite as a sanitizer solution

Same here.

A spray bottle full of Meta solution is always on hand. I keep tubing, airlocks and other small items in a sealed bucket and a small jar of Meta solution inside.

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