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Jun 27, 2007
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okay so this is gonna sound a little wierd

theres a drink called fruit shoot thats sold in small 200ml bottles and i want to see if i can ferment it.

things i need to know are:

how long will it take,

is a fruit content of 10% enough to ferment

will i have to add sugar

so thats basically it
you have any tips or things you want to say about it?
Check the label to see if sorbate has been added and it likely has. This would be bad news on trying to get a fermentation going.
okily dokily

so the label did show potassium sorbate added to it

but i got another type of fruit shoot :D

its called Fruit shoot 100% and
under the ingredients list it simply says " Apple Juice from Concentrate"
nothing else

and i think the company is trying to hide something because it says "once opened keep under 5°C and drink within 3 days :cool:
I belive you could indeed get fruit shoot to ferment.....but I wonder why you would bother, they are very small and you could achive a much better result for less outlay by fermenting a 100% fruit juice from your local supermarket
heres a link to a decent recipe
This one costs a lot less than the equivalent volume of fruit shoot you would need and the results will be far superior
Me thinks Nathan is underage and is simply working with what his lunch money will provide him with.

Aren't you Nathan?!

Does your mother know what you've been up to, Nathan?


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