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Mar 18, 2007
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Hello all,
Made a batch of Calif. Merlot juice about 5 months ago.....fermentation went fine...added oak cubes and it has been resting for about four months now in a 5 gal carboy...checked Ph today and found it to be 3.15...seems a little low for this type of juice....tastes a bit acidy...anything I can do to improve taste and reduce acidity? Someone told me Calif grape is very acidy and I should have adjusted the must before fermentation....too late now this wine too far gone or is there some trick someone out there knows to soften the taste a little....I appreciate all responses...thanks:confused:
Do you know what the Tartaric Acid reading is? pH for red wine should ideally be between 3.3 and 3.6. So while your's is a liitle on the low side without knowing how much acid is in the wine it's hard to anwser your question.
Thanks Winemaker for responding....I believe my Merlot is 10g/L which if I am correct is high...I believe this type of wine should be between 6 and 8g/L...I have tartaric acid...citric acid and acid blend but I do not have anything to reduce acid....someone told me about egg whites to soften but I am not sure....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks
Egg whites will reduce tannins and therfore make your wine less harsch.
It will also clear the wine.
But egg-whites do not lower acid.

For lowering acid I would visit the local home brew store
and ask for acidex or even sodium bicarbonate.
They will do the trick.

10 g/l is much to high. You should aim for around 6 for a red wine
and around 7 for a white. Depending on taste that is :D


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