Acid level in a mulled Elderberry

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Feb 2, 2009
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Howdy all. I tested and tasted a batch of Elderberry this AM and have a concern that I thought that I would run by you all. Acid tested out at just shy of 5.5%. According to Toms sticky this is about right for a non-grape red that will be pretty sweet. Now for the taste. I fermented it with 3 med sized oranges sliced up and some other spices. I think I used too many oranges or left them in the primary too long. I kind of notice a bitterness like you get from citrus peel. So the question is will this deminish with ageing or shoud I address it differntly? It has been back sweetened and stabilized and I thought that I was pretty close to being ready to bottle. I intend to bake three gallons as soon as the oven is done with it's present batch (next week). I have another batch of Simple Elderberry that I could possibly blend with the mulled. but I would rather not. I could just put it on the back of the shelf it time would mellow the taste. Talk to me
Im not sure the biterness will diminish, How long was the wine sitting on these peels and elderberries as it could also be high tannins from sitting on the elderberries to long. Luc, a resident wine maker on this forum stated that this is a strong possibilty and not to let elderberries stay in a fermenter long due to this. He has been ill lately but hopefully he is getting better and can chime in with thoughts on this.
Wine spent five days visiting with the berries and spices.
Thats not that long, you must be right on the peels then about being to much, did you use pith also? I dont know the answer for you either way but pith(the white stuff on a peel) is a nonon cause it will leave a nasty taste.

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