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Jun 12, 2009
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So I have a thread in the fruit section about this patch of pear wine but kinda want to get an anwser so just not make sure I am posting it here too... So..

I did make a mistake while making the wine, I used too much sugar. Since I boiled the pears, I wasnt able to measure sg til the day after I started. I cut both the 6 gal and the 5 gal recipes down by 2 pounds of sugar each and Its still high.. I guess my pears were really sweet. But readings were 1105 on the 5 gal and 1110 on the 6 gal..

So is my pears wine gonna taste like nothing because the ABV is going to be way too high?
I believe your wine will definitely have a taste. It may turn out better than you you think especially if you age it, although I'm guessing the alcohol content will be in a range of 13 -15%. You could make a lower alcohol content wine and blend the two wines or you might be able to blend in some juice after it has fermented to lower the alcohol content as long as the juice you add does not cause the wine to start fermenting again. I also read in another thread you can add a strong f-pac.
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