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  1. JCBurg

    Can I test total alcohol after fermentation is complete?

    Like the subject says, can I test alcohol content after fermentation?
  2. V

    Left in primary too long?

    Hi all, Very new to wine making here. I think I left my wine in primary too long. The starting SG was 1.08 and when I moved the wine to a carboy it was 0.90. It's been in the carboy for 1 week now. What does this mean for the rest of the fermentation process? I know the alcohol content will be...
  3. A

    Hi from Bolivia need advice

    Hello everyone, I am so glad to have found this site. I am currently making wines from different fruits including guava and blackberry. I have encountered a set back with my blackberry wine. The Bolivian health department came back with a negative analysis which states the following. 1)...
  4. C

    Is alcohol content additive?

    When I started my pomegranate wine a while back, the juice went into self-fermentation while I was out of town. I had no idea what the starting numbers were. When I returned home, the air-lock was boiling. According to my son, it had run that way for at least two days. by the time the fermenting...
  5. Dirtydog420

    About my pear wine?....

    So I have a thread in the fruit section about this patch of pear wine but kinda want to get an anwser so just not make sure I am posting it here too... So.. I did make a mistake while making the wine, I used too much sugar. Since I boiled the pears, I wasnt able to measure sg til the day...
  6. Dirtydog420

    Using vodka to increase alcohol content?

    Read something about it either on there or on another form, cant remember.. Is this true? Making a wine from a kit for the first time and kinda disappointed with the potential alcohol content... Thanks
  7. Tall Grass

    First big lesson I've learned..

    Before I jumped into making wine I read plenty of tips, recipes and anecdotes about making this alcoholic beverage. But it always bugged me that people would commonly say that too much alcohol would ruin a wine. So I've made a few 1 gallon batches with lalvin 1118 at 16% and 17% and now...