Is alcohol content additive?

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Nov 23, 2009
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When I started my pomegranate wine a while back, the juice went into self-fermentation while I was out of town. I had no idea what the starting numbers were. When I returned home, the air-lock was boiling. According to my son, it had run that way for at least two days. by the time the fermenting died off, the SG was down to 1.004 with a TA level at 1.3%.

So I diluted it down to 0.9% TA with water and enough simple syrup to return the SG to 1.065, then innoculated with K1-V116, corked it off with an airlock and let it go back to work.

We went back to the trees and managed to harvest just enough fruit to make an imperical guess at the starting numbers. Granting that our sample is way less than the three gallons we started with and may or may not be representative, I got an SG of 1.07 from fresh raw juice.

The implication is that the wild fermentation yeiled about 9% alcohol in the original batch. After the dilution the number calculates to 5.4% The fermenting going on now would finish out at 8.5 -- if it started at zero.

So the question to the community is: Will the final alcohol content be 13.9%?

I didn't do all of the math, but yes, each firmentation will add alcohol proportional to the sg delta of each.
Is Alcohol content additive

Yes, alcohol is highly additive ... why else are there so many rehab places like Betty Ford?

Oh wait, you wrote additive not addictive. Ha!

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