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  1. Stressbaby

    Straight Juice Pear Wine

    For some reason this year we had a huge crop of pears. I had people bringing me bags of pears, my freezer was full. So I made two batches of pear wine. I'm posting my experience so far just to see if anyone has encountered similar issues. Batch #1 used about 35# of pears, 2/3 Bartlett and 1/3...
  2. M

    Pear Wine

    Hey everyone. I have a pear tree in my backyard and I was thinking about utilizing it and making some wine. I have never made a wine that didn't come from grapes. Does anyone have any recipes for a pear wine? Thanks.
  3. Dirtydog420

    Too early to bottle?

    I started a patch of pear wine first week of october.. Going to be moving an hr away.. Is it too early to bottle? its clear.. havent stablized yet but will next week, then f-pac a few days later or at bottling.. Any thoughts? I could transport to my parents house or leave at current place (live...
  4. Dirtydog420

    About my pear wine?....

    So I have a thread in the fruit section about this patch of pear wine but kinda want to get an anwser so just not make sure I am posting it here too... So.. I did make a mistake while making the wine, I used too much sugar. Since I boiled the pears, I wasnt able to measure sg til the day...
  5. Dirtydog420

    Any fruits wines that are ready in 6 months..

    Looking for ideas on wines that will be ready in six months or less til bottling... Possibly moving in about 8 months so I want to give myself that extra time... Thanks.. PS.. Any ideas on a fast pear wine? Got into this cause I have a pear tree in my yard but need it to be ready to...