A tale of 2 yeasts!

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Any more batches with TR 313?
The catalogue writeup sounds really good. ,,, and I hate to order a brick if I need 5 grams.
We did (still doing) a barrel fermentation on a Chardonnay this season and used TR-313. Very impressed at this early date with a great freshness and body result. We started with a 48 run with Prelude and then went all in with the TR-313. Oh, and much more nose than a prior Chardonnay done with another yeast. I've always found the nose lacking, maybe with some trace of H2S, on prior whites (and Roses) without TR-313. It's our go-to yeast now for whites, although CD's experiment here may necessitate another experiment in our winery! Cheers!
You have me wanting to find some and try it :)

BosaGrape had fifty gram packs so Prairie Vinters has five of the other Renassiance yeast spread out in the club for testing. We are early on the learning curve and as a club making whites that have lots of bitter/ reductive/ thiol flavor. ,,,, and don’t win at state fair ;(