A new kit wine... Meant to be funny!

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Jun 22, 2009
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I know for surfing the net and also reading the posts here there are so many wines.
Reds, whites, fruits, the list is endless.
Did you see the deal on the news about the new California Especial...
Sonoma "Green"
They showed Johnnie Law using a helicopter to help harvest the "vines of a different kind!"
Somewhere in the hills they found a fenced in vineyard/weedyard that was being watched over by armed guards. They claim the found 5000 pot plants between the grape vines.
I understand that when you purchased the Kilo Kit, you recieved two bottles of wine ready to drink, the left over leaves, stems and seeds and to top it off a brownie reciepe!:h
Man you just have to love them California dudes!:r
I didn't read that one. Last one I remember they found a cave/cavern in I believe Tennessee that was a huge pot operation.

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