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Aug 9, 2009
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Hi there ,

1- I'm going to make a one-Gallon batch of red Wine . How much Grapes do I

need to buy ?

2- What temperature range is suitable for the Primary ? Some say 70-75

and some say 80-85 Degrees Fahrenheit .

Hector, that all depends on the grapes themselves. It varies on the variatal as well as the general growing conditions for the year. Grapes will be juicier or less year to year. It also depends on how they are prepared such as if you have a press or if you are going to mash them by hand. Mashing by hand which I guess you will do will result in less juice. Hopefully the experienced grape wine makers such as Grapeman or Sacalait will chime in here. I have always read that on average it takes approximately 10 pounds per gallon.

In regard to the temperature range it all depends on the yeast used and it's range. It is always best to go on the low end of the range. 70 degrees is pretty well the norm for most wines though. That is must temp not the ambient air temp. Primary fermentation will be warmer than the ambient temps. If you ferment with a room temp of 75, your fermentation will probably be above 80. I try to have the room temp 66-67 degrees.

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