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Oct 15, 2009
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I think I may have over cooked these kits.

They are: Cru Select Italian Amarone, Cru Select Italian Pinot Grigio, and Cru Classic Valpolicella.

They all started out with a S.G. close to 1.1. on 4 Aug 10.
I had put a brew belt on the primaries to keep the temp up ( may have been a mistake)
I just got home last night and checked them this morning, not much bubbling going on, the S.G's have come down but not as much as I would think.
The Amarone is 1.028, Valpolicella is 1.018, and Pinot is 1.02. the temp on all three is around 95!!!
Do I need to do anything? I've already unplugged the belts..
I think I may have over cooked these kits.
Do I need to do anything? I've already unplugged the belts..

Be patient. Did all three come with the 14 day primary instructions? (BTW Cellar Classic Valpolicella? No such thing as Cru Classic, AFAIK.)

Sounds like things are going well.

Yes, your right it's a cellar classic, just to lazy to spell it all out...They are all 14 day primary kits, but in the past I've seen a lot more activity than this, even though the SG is comming down, I wanted to make sure I didn't screw anything up and If I had to fix it, I'd rather do it now.
95 degrees is pretty hot. Try to keep it between 70 and 80.
Thats pretty darn hot but Im sure they will survive, stir them up good and do get then temp down some. Did these start on Aug. 4th cause you have two dates there and kind of confusing but I know you didnt start then tomorrow! Hehehe. If they have only been in there 4 days then thats about right and just keep those temps down.
Yeah, I'd say 95* is pretty high especially for 5 days..... you did the right thing by taking the belts off. Let them run their course....

....you seem like you're gunning for Tom, having so many in primary at once. :br
LOL..No No No...I'm nowhere in Tom's league. Just a test to see how far I can push the wife...
I've been stirring all three and tomorrow I'll take the temp again, I'm sure it will come down. I'll check the S.G. on thursday before I leave again and see how it's doing to make sure it's still comming down.
Thanks everyone

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