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23 Litre Glass Carboys - $15

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Mar 8, 2010
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23 litre Gently Used Italian Glass Carboys for Wine or Beer Making.

When they are gone this deal is done. Do not lose out. Over 120 available.

They can be picked up at Borrelli Cellars 485 Erie St, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Just minutes from the Detroit Michigan border.

We are open Monday to Friday 10 till 5PM, and Saturday 10 till 4 PM
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Is the price falling? Thread title says $18, the post states $15.

Sound like you're liquidating somebody's one time fabulous hobby?
I fixed it and I too wished I lived closer, crap, Id buy 1/2 of them!
Dr. Vino,
I'll be up in Detroit on the 21st of March, could we meet somewhere? I'd love to buy about 6 from you? Would you like to trade maybe? Free tickets on Spirit Airlines? I work there.
My LHBS charges $48 for a 6 gal carboy!
I went in a week ago and saw that price and couldn't help but make an "I'm blown away!" comment to the owner, who could have cared less.

I can order my carboys from George at Finewines, pay the shipping and still beat that price.

Wish I was closer to Ontario.
I can get them for $39 (6 gallon Italian) at a store that I'm in the neighborhood with frequently.

$15 each would be nice.
I bought 7 from Dr. Vino today, my stepson is picking them up tomorrow. I'm sure I'll want more after I get them.
I get them for $32 each locally, like Green Mountain said, $15 would be much nicer!!!!!!!
My stepsons live near Detroit, and my wife and I own a condo not far from the Detroit airport, so I have to drive up there anyway next week, it was a good excuse to buy some. If he still has some in a couple of months I will probably buy some more just to have.
No passport

I wish I had my passport, it's a nine hour drive but at those prices it would be worth it:slp
I would love to have a few too. Do you think if he painted them red so the cars could see them, they would roll down hill to Florida on the interstate? :h

that would be so nice! way to far from me. or i would make it happen
Is the address E or W Erue St. I will be through Windsor in a few days and would like to pick some up.

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