2018 Cab Franc cluster from green to glass

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Apr 18, 2014
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Sierra Foothills, Nor Cal
I thought I would follow the journey of a pair of clusters in my front yard. They will eventually become a few clusters among thousands in the 2,000 pounds being crushed, fermented, pressed in my garage. Half of the wine will be going into a used 60 gallon French Oak barrel and stored in my wine box for a year. I’m thinking that I need to name them. Here is the first pic, prior to veraison.

6B6E0FAF-686B-4EB3-ADA0-DE7981BC43C5.jpeg The vine is head trained (technically vertical cordon), 6 arms, two shoots per arm, two clusters per shoot. That is the goal anyway.
Ah, good catch. I will make sure I add the day the picture was taken. This first picture is from Thursday 7/19/18.
Where is your CF now? Mine is into veriason.
That's a cool story - I hope you can somehow use these photo's and the journey of the grapes either as inspiration or perhaps source material in the labeling of those bottles.


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