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Aug 8, 2009
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Heelo all:

My sister is trying to make homeade chokcherry wine. The recipie calls for ground chokecherries. How does she do that with out grinding the pit.

Also, she lives in a rural area and there are no stores for sanitation purposes. Is there any process that she can use for the first stage of the wine making that will sanitize her crock? She can order sanitizer but the chokecherries will be to ripe by then to process.

Thank you for any comments
good old bleach will kill anything you would be worried about id think
just make sure you dilute it witth the proper amount of water and rinse good after youre finished

as far as the pits i would think youd have to take em out bfor the fact
You dont have to grind them up. Freeze them for a few days and then thaw them out and just sqeeze them as you put them in so that the pectic enzym can get in there to do its job. Most of the time this is all I do. You could just pour boiling water over this pot. She could just freeze them and wait till she gets the sanitizer as she should be adding this to the batch to kill off any wild yeast anyway.
Wade is right on the nose.

just one extra advise. Destem and clean the cherries first. When they have been frozen and thawed you will not be able to do that anymore as they will mash like applesauce in no time.