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Feb 12, 2007
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HAHA! I made a quick 2.5 minute homebrew video- the 3 AMIGOS!

Check it out!

Once the juices started flowing, I turned up the tunes!
HAHA...I was fooling with some video stuff to send to some friends that went over to europe to travle over the next 6 weeks...this is the first homemade brew that they have helped with and so I gave them a status report...and thought to post it on here also...
yeah- kinda boring but the Lords of Acid are a good band...

The point was to show some home made wine- many don't ever get to see any of it...I am a visual person...I'd rather see a video of something than plain old text.
But, I bought your 2:36 for free and the wine making process isn't really that exciting anyway, so I thought that this might be more fun almost like making the public watch our family vacation videos-or your wine fermenting and friends that you hit wineries with!
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I was hoping for a video and not a slide show. Whip out the video camera and make one up.

Smurfe :)

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