yet another yeast nutrient question

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Beer makers use DME as a 'better' sugar. I don't think it provides any of the benefits of yeast nutrient, but I have never investigated the possibility. Much yeast nutrient is DAP (Dibasic Ammonium Phosohate).

Yeast energizer would be a better replacement for YN, especially if it contains DAP.

I agree, its not a nutrient replacement, its just easier for the yeast to eat then table sugar but will add some body to your wine. Again like cp saud, energizer is better then nutrient thus the reason tou only need 1/2 of what you need when adding nutrient. In a pinch you could use a dissolved B Complex vitamin.
DME has plenty of nitrogen in it, and vitamins. But trying to use a teaspoon to sub for a tsp of nutrient won't work. Its not THAT rich in nutrition.

By the time you'd add enough DME to make it worthwhile, you'd have a frankenbrew. The DME will add color and malty flavors to the wine, which would probably taste funky.

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