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Aug 26, 2020
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I've made several kits and they all turned out pretty decent.
However, it is cheating a bit (IMHO) so I have tried making from fruit.
Dragons blood turned out ok but a little thin but both my plum & rhubarb have turned out poor.
They taste and smell yeasty - for all the world like Aveeno skin cream if nayone knows what that is - it's oatmeal based
It;s also pretty cloudy despite 2 pak finings
The aroma is pretty strong but the taste is ok(ish) considering it's like $3 or £2 a gallon.
Funny things is the 2 batches of apple (about 50l in total) turned out crystal clear and no smell.
Very dry so will address that later but any ideas what causes the yeastiness (is that a word)
and why it will not clear.

I've gone back to doing a couple of kits to rebuild my shattered confidence and for good measure jsut did a Cider amd have a beer and lager to come.

Many many thanks for your thoughts.
And yes I know just because it's inexpensive doesnt mean it has to taste poor.
Quality is not (always) commensurate with expense.
Tried the enzyme - although not bentonite - can I do both?
Plus will it affect the smell?
the bentonite is a fining agent and will remove any [proteins, also any yeast particle still around may reduce the smell I would add the enzyme again.
Time and racking removes those yeasty particles your tasting, all wines will have that young flavor in the beginning and for several months after fermentation is complete, you cant expect great or even decent wine without aging, same goes with clarity Time will naturally clear your wine and bring the flavors together, dont rush it.
@deesloop, how old are the plum and rhubarb? Some wines don't taste good for months.

Also, what is the SG of each? If fermentation is not complete and the wine is not degassed, it will not clear.

@salcoco's suggest of pectic enzyme is what I'd do. Then give it a couple of weeks to see if they starts to clear on their own. If not, then bentonite.
Thanks guys. The Rhubarb is abuot 9 months and the plum 6.
SG is 994 and fairly happy it's done. Pectine enzyme duly ordered.
Thanks folks lets see what happens

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