Wyman’s Wild Blueberry Juice?

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Chateau Joe

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Jan 21, 2009
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I saw this 100% juice in Sams Club the other day. Has anyone made wine from this juice? It looked like it might be good.

Does anyone have a recipe?
Not a bad idea. I have bought 100% pure juice from Coatca as well as Sam's.
I make 6 gallons at a time so, get enough for 6 gallons. Save at least 1/2 gallon for a f-pac. Most juices are in the 1.060 range so you need to add sugar to bring it to 1.085ish NOT higher. Add yeast and you are on your way.
Chateau, since you are in New york, have you ever thought about going to Walkers fruit farm and getting their juice, I hear that it is excellent!

All the time Wade! :D I just finished a Niagara and a Delaware that I bought from them. The problem though is that I live about 6 hours from them so I get all their juice shipped to me. At $20 per pail for shipping it gets expensive.

I know that Walkers has blueberry juice but I thought "what the hey, lets try something new". I might even blend it with a Niagara just for fun. :p One of the best parts of wine making is experimentation::
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Hey there. Just a quick update. I made 3 gallons of wine from the Wymans and it came out great. I set aside a half gallon for an f-pack and that seems to work really well. It needs to age much more but my friends say it tastes just like drinking a blueberry pie.
Now look for more 100% juice at Costco and Sams. I just bottled Orango Mango that I got from Costco.

the best part of wine making is experimenting or thinking outside the box:r
no never really tried wine from Wild Blueberry Juice... anybody has a recipe for it?
6 gallons of juice
ck acid level
Add sugar to 1.085
Pectic enzyme
Cote des Blancs yeast
Yeast nutrient
Id add yeast energizer in there also as blueberries and cranberries produce a chemical that hinders fermentation so these 2 wines need all the help they can get, some ferment very easy but ome can really drag forever.

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