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Feb 27, 2010
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The first batch is/ was very interesting to say the least. I really didn't know what to expect. It stunk....looked and tasted really bad....but It now looks and tastes like wine!!!!! It's a CC Chardonnay. I rounded third base 12 days ago (racked stabilized and cleared) and I'm very proud! I'll be racking again later this week and let it sit for a while before I filter and bottle.

I also started a CC Gewurztraminer-Riesling last weekend and racked to secondary yesterday. I really learned a lot from the first one (much like being a parent....poor first kids) This batch has gone a lot smoother. :try
I have a batch of elder/raspberry going and its pretty stinky. I have a hard time convincing my visitors it will actually be drinkable!!!

Congradulation on your success. You are now officially on your way to becoming hooked!

Keep on keepin on.

No but they will work as a coffee filter in a pinch. LOL

Actually wine "stinkies" is nothing compared to the Kim Chee recipe I just posted.
LOL @ running and sid.

just give it time, it will get even better! i know we had trouble keeping our first few batches and we still do! we make ~120 gal a year and still don't have much aged wine. we give too much away as we don't have enough storage for it.
Yeah wine making is one of the best job that has to be done in a particular manner and it requires lot of efforts and learnings too.

I must say congrats to you for this achievement that you have made.


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