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Aug 19, 2012
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Sunday morning WMT musings. Advice? Rant? Call it what you will...

Before you create a new thread, ask yourself:
  • Is this thread-worthy? Do I have a question, useful observation, or interesting discussion topic?
  • For questions, have I included all of the information needed to get an answer? We need data - grape/fruit and other ingredients, specific gravity, pH and TA, temperatures, actions taken, and so on.
  • Is my thread appropriately titled? My pet peeve. It should be apparent to the reader without opening the thread what that thread is about. Good titles include "Cluster Thinning (Frontenac)" and "Vintners Best Elderberry fruit wine base." I skip right over a title like "Help!" or "What did I do wrong?" or "Would you try this?"
  • Did I search first?

Good WMT recipe posts come in two flavors:
  • This is what I'm going to do, please give feedback. In this case, post before you do anything.
  • This is what I did, I followed this wine to the finish, this is the end result. In this case, we get an assessment, the end result, the resulting wine. It can come sooner (in the OP) or later (in follow up posts), either way, but recipes with ingredient lists but no assessment of the resulting wine are not helpful.

Other random Sunday thoughts:
  • Quality and relevance of the advice in a reply is not correlated with 1) length of reply; 2) amount of formatting in the reply; 3) punctuation or grammar.
  • There are very few absolutes in winemaking so I cringe a little bit, even without being familiar with the topic, when I read "never" or "always."
  • Would be nice to have something like "Started winemaking" date under the avatar.
I feel better now [ducks].
The new format is not as easy to navigate as before. I have had newer folks ask privately how to find and post things.
Honestly if i hadnt used the old format and known something was in here before i might not have figured it out myself. Dome things i still have to hunt and struggle with.
Perhaps a sticky closed to comment edited by the moderators, sort of a tutorial with topics like how to search, reply, quote, find forums ect. Would make it easyer to find things already posted. It could be recommended in a form letter welcoming new members.
It would be a big help to us 50+ members who can learn to use current I.T. but are not as quick and perhaps resistant to it. Im trying to make wine not learn computers.

Maybe its already here and im to old to find it .

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